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Welcome to Masdar City

Masdar City offers many economic, social and environmental benefits to companies looking for opportunities in the UAE and Middle East. This short 3-minute video highlights why!

Welcome to Masdar City! The city of possibilities. A daring and evolutionary journey to build the world’s most advanced and sustainable community. A city we are shaping with an eye for a better future.

Masdar City is centrally and strategically located next to Abu Dhabi Airport, from where major international markets can be reached within hours. The city is built using traditional Arabic architecture combined with modern technology and design. Narrow walkways capture the wind and provide shade, making the perceived temperature 10 degrees cooler in Masdar City than elsewhere in Abu Dhabi, encouraging a healthy and comfortable lifestyle where everything is within walking distance.

The buildings are powered by clean energy constructed using green building materals and designed to reduce energy and water consumption by 40%. This worklight space is made possible by the forward-thinking approach in designing every detail of Masdar City, making it the green pring for cities across the world, but this is just the beginning. Masdar City will grow one neighborhood at a time, adding new businesses, schools, restaurants, appartments, and so much more.

Eventually over 90,000 people will live and work in the city throughout the expansion. Residential, cultural, and commercial areas will be interwoven with parks and a wide variety of services and amenities. Residents and visitors can leave their cars behind and enjoy the open and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.

Integrated, clean, and smart transportation systems including a fleet of electric vehicles and driverless cars keep the city accessible and livable as it grows. Masdar City is a vibrant place. It brings together a diverse range of tenants and professionals creating a unique business climate. The city is a free zone that welcomes companies both large and small. With the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology at the city’s core they can count on highly skilled graduates and opportunities for research partnerships.

When we set up our company it was as simple as one, two, three. Three steps and five days. That’s all it took to start up in Masdar City. Office space is immediately available, and taxes and import tariffs are non-existent. Setting up our company in Masdar City gave us a competitive edge in the Emirates and around the globe. Join us and the many other companies who have chosen Masdar City to be the home of their business.

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