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PlanToys – Sustainable Play

PlanToys® has grown from Green to Sustainability, roots through Sustainable Play. Sustainable Play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.

“I was born here in Trang and I grew up among these rubber tree forests. I was very attracted by this wonderful nature and also by all that men could do with it. When I went to Bangkok to study architecture, I met, at university, friends who wanted, like me, to contribute to building a better and more sustainable world.

We have partnered with 7 friends to create the Plan Group and shortly after, PlanToys. Plan Group is now one the most respected architectural firms, it is also a publishing house, a graphic design studio, libraries, and schools. For over thirty years, PlanToys have designed and manufactured toys with the utmost respect for children and nature. We create toys from our design office in Bangkok with education and design specialists. All our toys are made in our factory in Trang.

The trunk and the best parts are used for solid wood and plywood toys, branches, and other waste are shredded and transformed to make PlanWood. PlanWood is very strong. It allows us to design very interesting and new forms of non-toxic and durable toys. Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed. Roots and other wood pieces that cannot be used are converted into energy in our new factory.

Every year tens of thousands of children visit our factory. We teach them that they can be the architects of a better world. Better kids for a better world, that is our sustainable way.”

Vitool Viraponsavan – PlanToys Founder & President

For over thirty years, PlanToys has been recognized and rewarded by respected institutions worldwide for product design and numerous Social Responsibility projects.

Each year, thanks to our environmental efforts and our overall production processes, PlanToys saves more than 40000 tons of carbon.

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