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Our values are our motivation!

Skill, knowledge and experience are important – but it is only through drive that they become great! Read what motivates us.

small foot toys stand for the idea of bringing smiles to children’s faces! Come discover our brand values!


small foot are committed to using the renewable resource of wood and avoiding plastic when possible.

Design made in Germany

small foot toys combine educational know-how with contemporary design – developed at our premises in Delmenhorst.


small foot uses classic game ideas and focuses on innovative development in terms of design & product.

High Quality

small foot toys rely on high-quality raw materials, good, stable processing and safe playing.

Fair Prices

small foot toys should remain affordable – with a good price-performance ratio.


small foot toys are geared to the learning and playing needs of children up to 6 years of age.

Product design

The path of a small foot article from the idea to the finished toy.

1. The idea is the beginning of each product!

Therefore, it’s often a challenge to make a product unique through its design. The ideas for the content-related implementation of our new products always emerges in a different way – sometimes intended and targeted, and sometimes via coincidental encounters with themes and inspirations. In this particular case, it was a documentary about the pollution of the world’s oceans and the consequences for its residents, such as the blue whale.

2. From the initial sketches to the first prototype

With the first sketches, we’re expanding upon our ideas with pen in hand. This is where the first ideas become implementations, studies become designs, and inspiration becomes colourfulness. We mold promising approaches into concrete prototypes, from the first concepts to the construction later.

3. Modelling and building the prototype

From the foundations of these draft drawings, we create a model on the computer or a prototype out of paper or cardboard. With the findings from these models, we improve the draft and create the technical data from which an example product can be built. Once this example fulfills all of our requirements down to the details, only then do we pass the product on to the production department.

4. The time has come: the production begins!

During the product’s production, the individual parts are manufactured step-by-step on a large scale. First, the material is cut to shape, milled, and prepared, and is then painted and printed with illustrations. Next, the individual pieces are assembled so that they’re safe for children. At the end, the product is carefully packaged in a way that saves space.

5. Quality is key!

In the quality assurance department, the first product samples are inspected by us in order to ensure that the product matches the prototype example and meets all of our requirements for quality and safety in all aspects.

6. That which impresses children and experts in the field tests is distinguished!

The journey of a small foot product from the first idea to the finished toy is filled with passion for the raw material of wood and for design made in Germany. To the same extent, small foot stands for responsibility in the realms of quality, safety, and sustainability as well as for timeless play ideas which are developed further in a modern way. When the products which are created in this way impress children and the experts in field tests, the reward for the hard work is “spiel gut” distinctions, Toy Award nominations, and TOP-10 Toy nominations for the 2020 year!

7. And the baby walker can do even more!

We’re donating a portion of the sales of the Whale Baby Walker to NABU, which is actively and preventatively engaged in protecting the world’s oceans and coasts and thereby decisively contributing to the preservation of the habitats of all sea creatures.

Quality and Sustainability

Quality is a multi-layered promise for us!

Wood – Simply better!

Wood is a wonderful material! Nature couldn’t have made a better material for playing and learning. As a renewable resource, it spares our other, more limited resources. The wood for an increasing number of small foot toys comes from FSC 100%-certified plantations – a guarantee for sustainable forestry and the global preservation of forests.

The highest level of safety in materials and manufacturing

Before being sold, products are tested multiple times by both internal and external knowledgeable experts and independent inspection institutions for conformity to strict international standards.

Playtime Value + Durability = Sustainability

Sustainability comes not only from the material – the lifespan also plays a role! Small foot toys are not throw-away products; we use robust solid wood and layered bonded wood which can withstand extreme strain and use. We design our toys so that they offer long-lasting playtime that can be passed down to future generations – and that is practised sustainability! And the packaging? It’s made of stable cardboard which can either be used for long storage or easily recycled as waste paper.

Especially easy to clean

Because of wood’s special surface and its naturally antibacterial contents, wooden toys are naturally more hygienic than plastic toys – and they’re particularly easy to clean and care for. To clean wooden toys, it’s enough to gently scrub them with some lukewarm water and a dab of environmentally friendly dish soap so that they stay pretty and hygienic for a long time.

Inspected Safety

The safety of your child is your first priority – just like it is for us!

All small foot toys meet the highest safety standards and we only use lacquers and paints for our toys, which is solvent-free and exclusively water-based were. Naturally, we at small foot completely dispense with health-endangering softeners.

Grasping, listening, seeing, and feeling – these are the most important activities for a child’s first few months. Toys are played with intensively, touched, and often put in their mouths. That’s why quality and proven safety are our top priority, especially when it comes to baby toys: all small foot toys meet the highest safety standards, fulfil the strict European EN 71 norm, and are also tested by both internal and external experts and independent inspection institutions. Only when the toys pass these tests and requirements may they be passed on to our youngest customers! Some of our baby products are even inspected and certified for quality by the German TÜV Rheinland inspection institute. Beyond that, we only used water-based varnishes and paints which fulfil all European safety and environmental standards and which are also saliva-proof and solvent-free for our small foot toys. When we do combine wood with plastic, we naturally avoid plasticisers which can be hazardous to your health.

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