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Lekkid is a brand born in Barcelona that designs and produces educational materials in order to facilitate the learning of creative tools and skills among children aged 3+ through elements with a high degree of design content. Lekkid seeks for children, whatever their inherent talent may be, to develop their creative skills for innovative problem-solving.

During my experience as an executive in the advertising world, I could see that creatives, when devising a campaign, followed a methodology, created analogies, transformed, mixed, decontextualised, worked in teams, combined, thought in a relational manner… nothing to do with “divine inspiration”. I understood that, by harnessing their creativity, they resolved different problems faster and more effectively. It was then that I understood that creativity is a virtue that can be developed.

Following the birth of my son Marc, I witnessed a child’s natural creative ability at first hand, but could I stimulate and tap into this creativity? How? What skills did a person have to assert they were creative? What skills did I have to teach Marc to boost his creativity? I knew that a child develops many of the skills that will mark their future in the first six years of life. Among these skills is CREATING.

So, after years of research, discussions with experts in the realms of education, child psychology and creativity, as well as design, study, determination and a great deal of work, LEKKID came into being. Today I am excited to present this creativity project to you and to share innovative ideas with you!

Núria Torrasfounder

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